Empower Your Financial Security: Send Encrypted Statement with DocuWare

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Country: PERU Industry: Financial services

In the dynamic world of finance, ensuring the security and confidentiality of client information is paramount. In a recent implementation at a prominent company in the financial sector, this challenge was addressed with determination and success through the development and implementation of a robust system for monthly delivery of encrypted statements with passwords.

Development and Functionality

The core of this solution was the integration between Make Integromat and DocuWare, which allowed for the creation of a seamless and secure process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Integration with Make Integromat and DocuWare: A connection was established between the existing system and the cloud through Make Integromat, enabling efficient data management via DocuWare.
  2. Generation of Statements: The company’s DBA user uploads relevant information from the current system’s tables, which is then used to create monthly statements in the cloud.
  3. Encryption and Document Protection: Before sending out the statements, a robust AES256 encryption is applied to the resulting PDF file. The secure password provided, typically the client’s ID number, is used to further protect the document.
  4. Secure Email Delivery: Once successfully encrypted, the PDF file is automatically sent via email from the same platform. Email addresses are retrieved directly from DocuWare, ensuring precise and secure delivery.

Key Benefits

This implementation not only ensured the confidentiality of client financial information but also provided several additional benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: Advanced encryption and password protection ensure that statements reach only authorized recipients.
  • Operational Efficiency: The automated process significantly streamlines the generation and distribution of statements, freeing up resources for other critical tasks.
  • Improved Customer Experience: By providing a secure and reliable service, the company strengthens customer trust, enhancing long-term relationships.

In summary, this implementation demonstrates the company’s commitment to security and operational excellence. By investing in innovative technological solutions, it positions itself not only as a leader in the financial sector but also as a reliable and secure partner for its clients.

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